Sherlock Holmes: The Back to Front Murder

Sherlock Holmes: The Back to Front Murder

Published by Titan Books, August 2021

May 1898. A new client arrives at Baker Street – Abigail Moone, a wealthy, independent writer of successful mystery stories under a male pseudonym. She presents an unusual problem. Abigail claims that she devised a man’s death that was reported in that morning’s newspaper: that is, she planned his murder as an event to be included in one of her mystery stories. Following real people and imagining how she might murder them and get away with it is how Abigail comes up with her plots, but this victim has actually died, apparently of the poison method she meticulously planned in her notebook. Someone is trying to frame Abigail for his death, but with the evidence stacking up against her, she turns to Holmes to prove her innocence.



“Holmes fans will be more than satisfied with this well-constructed homage to the great detective. I myself exclaimed aloud, impressed when the major plot point on which Bythewood’s story rests was revealed… Mr. Major has knocked it out of the park with this new adventure, retaining the flavor of the original stories while exposing our familiar cast of characters to fresh and intriguing new circumstances.” Criminal Element

“Major does a great job with the setup and emulating Dr. Watson’s voice… fans of traditional Holmes stories should welcome a sequel.” Publishers Weekly

“Major successfully find’s Watson’s voice in this tale with an intriguing premise.” Sherlock Holmes Magazine

“Major takes a very different approach to his Sherlock Holmes story than a lot of other writers, and as such I found that the mystery really tested me (and Holmes and Watson too)… A great addition to my Sherlock Holmes collection.” Trans-Scribe

“It is a fascinating set-up: the writer who dreams a murder plot up and then witnesses it appear to happen in front of their eyes… A fine addition to Holmes stories and should make a great brain teaser of a read!” Runalong the Shelves

“…enigmatic and compelling enough to keep readers hooked from beginning to end. The setting comes to life with the sounds, sights, and smells leaping off the page at every turn, and I thoroughly felt like part of the story as I tried to uncover the truth alongside my favourite sleuths. An excellent story in every way.” Books of All Kinds

“…Tim carries it off beautifully, it was a real pleasure to explore the grounds of the Tate, observe the brilliant mind in action, and enjoy a well written, creative mystery that satisfied very deeply. Whilst the murder may be back to front, the storytelling absolutely was not, it was top notch from first page to last!” Rachel Read It

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