Shade of Stillthorpe

Published by Black Shuck Books, April 2022

“It’s fair to say that parenthood has dominated my thoughts – and certainly my identity – for the last nine years. While I love my children unconditionally, I’m morbidly fascinated by the idea of parenthood lacking an instinctive bond to counter the difficulties and sacrifices of such a period of life. And I’m afraid of any possible future in which that bond might be weaker.

Identity is a slippery thing. More than anything, I’m scared of losing it – my own, and those of the people I love. Several of my novels and stories have related to this fear. In Shade of Stillthorpe, it’s quite literal: how would you react if your child was unrecognisable, suddenly, in all respects?”


Praise for Shade of Stillthorpe

“A seemingly impossible premise becomes increasingly real in this inventive and heartbreaking tale of loss.” Lucie McKnight Hardy

“Parenthood is a forest of emotions, including jealousy, confusion and terror, in Shade of Stillthorpe. It’s a dark mystery that resonated deeply with me.” Aliya Whiteley 


Shade of Stillthorpe is an engrossing character study, one with hints of the weird or supernatural, but not allowing them to run away with the story, only using such things to highlight the human nature of what is taking place.” Trumpetville

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